Book a “Brolo” vacation – 4 benefits of traveling alone

Essentials for a solo vacation

Essentials for a solo vacation

A “Brolo” trip, as henceforth defined by the BreakUp Bro, is a voyage of two or more weeks set forth by a solo Bro…with a little bit of a Yolo mentality sprinkled in.  Or in mathematical terms : Brolo = (Bro x Solo) + Yolo

I recently came back from a "get over your ex" two week stint traveling through Thailand with an entirely renewed perspective on life, career, relationships, and society in general.  A well-executed solo trip is like an intensely accelerated session of personal growth with elements of therapy, deep introspection, amazing fun, and wild adventure all thrown together.  Here are a few reasons you should consider going by yourself on your next trip, especially if you’re just getting out of a relationship.

On the beach in Krabi, Thailand.

On the beach in Krabi, Thailand.

Solitude – A huge part of what I recommend is being comfortable alone.  There are few better ways to do this than thrusting yourself into the deep end and immersing within a completely foreign land and culture. 

Whether you are riding a train through the swiss alps, coasting through the crystal seas of Southeast Asia, or trekking through Australia’s outback, being on the move in cool ass places puts your brain in a deeply introspective state.

You dig deep into your feelings, emotions, and fears and process these thoughts in a highly productive way and learn so much about yourself.  Sometimes it takes removing yourself completely from your typical day-to-day life and transporting to an entirely different land to give you the proper distance from “reality” to get the perspective you need. 

Awesome people – If you pick an amazingly cool area of the world to travel to, odds are you’re going to run into a lot of like-minded, awesome people on a similar journey. 

If you’re traveling on your own, you’re much more likely to go up to random travelers and strike up a conversation.  Everyone is extremely approachable and on the lookout for cool people to go on adventures with.

When traveling with a group of close friends, you typically stick to hanging out just with them, but when flying solo, you will naturally seek unique people and conversations.  Go up and talk to as many people as possible.  Don’t be shy…what do you have to lose?   Walk up to strangers and simply say, “how’s it going, where are you guys from?”

No compromises – You can do whatever the f$&k you want!  Traveling with your best friend sounds amazing…in theory.  But in all great Bromantic trips, there will undoubtedly come a time where you disagree on the gameplan which introduces unwanted drama and wasted time. 

Remember in high school, where you are with a bunch of friends hanging out trying to decide what to do, but nobody can come up with a  good solution that everyone agrees upon?  Same thing here. 

Time is too precious when traveling to spend debating your next move with somebody else.  On a Brolo trip, you can literally wake up every day, see how you feel, and craft a custom gameplan.

Overcome challenges

One potential “downside” of traveling by yourself is that you are responsible for overcoming any challenges or adversity on your own.  If you’re not good at figuring out directions, you don’t have a more geographically inclined friend to lean on.

I view this as a huge upside in reality in that it forces you outside of your comfort zone to rise up to new challenges and make decisions that you would otherwise proxy to another.

Personal growth is all about living outside of your comfort zone, so take any challenges that arrive during travel head on and become the master of your destiny.  It’s an extremely empowering way to build up your confidence for the future knowing that you can adapt and react appropriately to new challenges as they arise

So, there you have it.  I’m not recommending that every trip you take is by yourself.  There is amazing joy to be had traveling with a significant other or close bro as well, so mix it up. 

Especially after an intense breakup, a Brolo trip can exponentially accelerate your healing and personal growth so you can become the best possible version of yourself, Bro 2.0.  Stay tuned for future posts on destinations to take your BreakUp Brolo journey and tips for when you get there.  Bon voyage and god speed!