Moving beyond the bar scene – 8 new ways to meet girls that don’t suck

Photo Credit - Giglio

Photo Credit - Giglio

You’re ready to get back in “the game” and meet some new women?  Well, where exactly is the best ball park for this metaphoric match?  The first inkling is always to head straight to the most happening new bar in your area.

You grab a couple of bros after work.  Kick back a shot of Fireball and embark on a happy hour that’s sure to be filled with beautiful babies. 

The issue is, that there are likely dozens of other bros with a similar gameplan heading to that exact same bar.  End result is a bro-fest of epic proportions, maybe a 80-20 split.

You end up doing laps around the bar, hoisting your ice cold vodka soda above your head as you wade through a sea of dudes on a mission to find that needle in the haystack. 

After that 360 degree venture around your chosen drinking establishment, you reconvene at your original spot and channel your inner Swingers quotebook and think “this place is dead anyway.”  Then it’s on to the next bar to repeat the same process.

There’s a lot wrong with this scenario. And as you spend time scouring the sea of bros for that special someone, you end up looking like a predator seeking out its prey.  If a girl picks up on that, it’s an instant turnoff.

If you do find a potential lady friend, odds are that she’s already been approached by half a dozen dudes and her guard(bitch shield) is up.  Overall, you end up spending a couple hundred bucks with little ROI to speak of.

So, why not play the game on your own playing field?  Bars aren’t the only place to meet women.  You can change the game by meeting chicks in more casual, fun, and like-minded environments where the bitch shields are down and you can come off as a fun, natural dude.  Here are some ideas on where to meet girls…

Sports league – Joining a softball, ultimate Frisbee, dodge ball, or kickball organization.  Most girls involved in these leagues are fun, outgoing, athletic, and down to earth.  Easy way to meet girls and make some good bro friends as well.

Gym – Gym’s are a little tough as most people have headphones in and can be in the zone and not wanting to be bothered. But, it’s a good point of reference.  What I mean there is that if you see a girl out and about that you recognize from the gym, it’s an easy approach at that point.  “Hey, I recognize you from somewhere…you’re the one always stealing the squat rack before I get into the gym, right?”

Friends of Friends – This is probably the easiest, lowest barrier method of meeting well-qualified new prospects.  Your friends will know what you’re looking for and what their friends are as well.  There are some downsides here in that if it doesn’t work out, you’ll likely have to see them some what frequently, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

Volunteering – Meeting women while volunteering is more of an added benefit that anything.  Giving back is an activity you should engage in regardless of how many women will be there.  It’s enriching for the soul and something that I highly recommend in Becoming Bro 2.0.  Girls who volunteer undoubtedly have a kind heart, are active in their community, and are likely sweet people.

Dog Park – If you have a canine companion, this can be a great, somewhat shameless way to meat some new lady friends.  Bring Fido to the dog park  and the “awwww’s” will be follow.

Work – Slippery slope here.  I’ve seen several friends attain amazing relationships through work and others that aren’t quite as sustainable which end up in somewhat awkward situations.  High risk scenario, but if it’s a big enough office and you don’t see each other every minute, it’s worth entertaining the thought.

Classes – Pick a fun thing that you want to learn and go out and get knowledged up!  Cooking, dancing, painting, yoga.  These are all really fun activities.  When you’re in a fun environment, it’s easy to crack jokes with strangers as the atmosphere is a lot looser.

Throw a House Party – This one’s a personal fave.  Order up a keg, some bottles of wine, and a few top shelf liquors, add some sweet tunes on Spotify and send out a Facebook invite.  Undoubtedly, there will be several friends of friends that tag along and that’s a great intro opportunity(reference point #3). 

There you go.  Get out there and start exploring some of these avenues for meeting new girls.  You can’t rely solely on the bar scene to deliver a steady flow of digits to your contact book.  Get out there and mingle in some new ways and your “chicktionary” will start to grow!